About Colab INC

CoLab INC is an educational nonprofit organization focused on fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship across a wide range of disciplines. Funded by industry leaders, CoLab facilitates regular conferences, pitch events and one-on-one coaching sessions to help entrepreneurs reach their goals.

We help independent filmmakers develop business plans for investors to greenlight their projects.

Where does the prize money come from?

The organization is funded by donors & companies who want to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. If you are interested in becoming a donor or sponsor, please contact us.

Thank you to our sponsors! 

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Why Film & Media Workshop?

We chose film & media because our founder, Fred Cornforth, has a passion for supporting creatives. While working with filmmakers who create content for Good To Go Media, he saw a need to help filmmakers on the business side of the industry. Colab's Film & Media Workshop aims to support filmmakers through education, networking and pitch events.

Projects Funded

CoLab INC invested $35,000 in Film & Media Projects in 2019. These include: