#3 Daryl Gungadoo - VR Pioneer

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

In the 90's when most of us were still using dial-up internet; Daryl Gungagdoo, VR pioneer, was thinking about the future of video and how he could stitch together images to create a 360 video experience, VR today.

One of the patents I have is on stitching images together to create 360 images and then video. So that was one of my masters thesis at Andrews in software engineering, and that was back in the 90s when computing power was not even powered to able to mathematically calculate this. So it was all theoretical mathematics. It was not even codes yet because it just wouldn't render on a regular PC. -Daryl Gungadoo

Start listening at 19:53 to learn how Daryl came up with the idea for VR and how he has merged his technology with GoPro.

Daryl is an inventor who specializes in developing new technologies within the media space. His latest idea is to help movie producers determine how an audience reacts to a scene through brain waves.

But wouldn't it be awesome, without revealing too much of how I'm doing the work, to be able to decipher a person's mood while they are watching a video clip down to the second, that would be able to feed right back to the video producer in saying, "Hey man, at that time code in our video, 90% of our audience are daydreaming. We've got to recapture it, that engagement, so we need to re-edit the movie differently."

Watch at 30:21 to see how his technology is changing the movie industry.

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